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Marketing & Proposals

Learn how you can create proposals and presentations that win.

Secrets of the Selection Committee

Matrix Marketing (coming soon)

Music Instruction

Learn to play the Anglo Concertina with our easy-to-learn books and tablature. 

Or sing some sea shanties. Yo ho!

Easy Anglo 1-2-3

Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style

Christmas Concertina

Civil War Concertina

75 Irish Session Tunes for Anglo Concertina

The Pocket Shantyman

The Steve Hartz Tune Book (coming soon)

75 More Irish Session Tunes for Anglo Concertina (coming soon)

Popular Music of the Olden Time for Anglo Concertina (coming soon)

Irish-Style Anglo Concertina (coming soon)

Novels, Walking Tours, Memoirs, Poetry

Exciting new historical fiction, fun historical walking tours, memoirs and other literary works that we know you'll enjoy.

Memories of Grand Lake Lodge


I Attacked Pearl Harbor

Fayetteville Square Pocket Walking Tour (coming soon)

Mr. Hamasaki (coming soon)

The Three Queens (coming soon)

Life & Limb (coming soon)

Mumblers (coming soon)

Avondale (coming soon)

Montrose (coming soon)

Jesus of Nazareth, PA (coming soon)

Six Months (coming soon)


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